Mobile Digital Storytelling in Tallinn

A third study was carried out in Tallinn, involving children from the 9th th grade classes, and divided by themselves into groups, three students to a group in general, but two groups had four kids. Each group of three spent up to 3.5 hours on story creation: the rest of the day was spent normally in class. Here’s some pictures from the day:





// David Lamas, Tallinn University

Online Educa Berlin 2011 30th Nov – 2nd Dec

Last week me and Susanna Nordmark from Linnaeus University attended the Online Educa Berlin Conference. During the conference there was a lot to see and hear. The booths were crowded and the sessions were fully booked. There were 2154 participants from 96 different countries.

Like in all big conferences it’s not possible to see and hear everything. You just can’t be at ten different places at the same time. We tried to hear as much as possible, so we navigated to sessions that were close to our research interests. Susanna’s presentation about CoCreat and its 1st collaborative space went smoothly and the crowd seemed to be interested. We didn’t raise any debate, but the people came to talk to us about the collaborative space. It’s good to know we are doing something that other people find to be interesting and valuable.

Here’s the link for Susanna’s powerpoint presentation in OEB

// Tommi Inkilä, University of Oulu, Finland

A Day at The Kierikki

Last week we had our trial day at Kierikki Stone Age Center. We packed ourselves (me and the teachers) and the 5th graders into the bus around eight o’clock in the morning and headed to Yli-Ii where the center is located. I instructed the pupils about their upcoming task during the bus trip. Of course, the pupils had had some preliminary practice with the iPods. They were instructed by the 7th graders few days before the activity day. Once we arrived to Kierikki the kids were eager to start and – not surprisingly – many tried to run to do the job without the papers I had for them to fill during the task. Can’t really fault them =)

The students had three hours working time to use either StoryKit or StoryRobe to tell their story about the stone age. We had two shifts, half of the pupils worked in the morning and half after midday. When they were not adventuring with the iPods we had some other practical things (and games for fun) for them to learn. From my point-of-view everything went really smooth. Also the teachers were delighted about how relatively easy the day was for them. Most of the kids were engaged in the task wholetime and we didn’t have to guide the pupils that much. Few technical problems were encountered. It seemed that cold weather – around +5C – and moist air hindered the iPods’ battery and touch screen a bit. Luckily we had some laptops with us which lend the power to the iPods if necessary. We didn’t use the GPS functionality at the Kierikki because arranging the internet connection would have been expensive for that location and also because the pictures were taken on quite small area. The location map would have looked like many darts at the same spot.

Once the day was over we gathered back to the bus and the atmosphere was nicely energetic even though the day was long for the 5th graders. The interviews for research purposes was also done last week and now we are analysing them. I will post some of the pupils’ stories later on, hopefully with subtitles. The research outcomes will be also posted.

// Tommi Inkilä, University of Finland, Finland