Workshop in Second Life, October 12th

(I’m there in front of the Auditorium.)


last week I had my first virtual presentation in Second Life in a workshop arranged by our Norwegian partners at NTNU. It was quite interesting to hoover around with my avatar and give the presentation in front of virtual auditorium. The feeling is quite close to having the presentation online and “audio-only”, but there’s some keen sense of being there. For example, you can see if people are moving around. It doesn’t bother as much as in real-life presentation, but I couldn’t help thinking why they’re moving. I don’t mean in a negative sense. It actually feels a bit more comfy that way.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to hear all the other presentations, but it was nice to see that same kind of challenges or themes can be tackled from different perspectives. Here are the other project’s presented.

  • TARGET by Manuel Oliveira
  • MIRROR by Monica Divitini
  • ImREAL by Dalia Morosini
  • Ludus and some other by Albena Antonova

// Tommi Inkilä, University of Oulu, Finland