Writing on the Web -course has now finished

Hi all,

we have now finalised our “Writing in Web” -course and it was great success. In the “Writing in Web” -course we investigated technology supported alternative methods to inspire, encourage and support creative writing and collaboration. There are different kind of structures for writing courses, but typically they entail that you give or send your writings to others for review and commenting. In some courses, joint email address to which everyone has access has been used. While this works well for the course purpose and aims, this specific course developed within the CoCreat-project brings the idea a step further. The course design piloted the use of a weblog as platform for sharing and commenting on creative texts of different styles. The blog platform scaffolds and enables collaboration through peer reviewing, and allows easy commenting on the texts produced. The web based environment also allows easy inclusion of other media than written text, eg. images and video. This was not a key focus in our course, but it’s a possibility in future implementations. The use of the iPad with its Internet capabilities enables more or less real-time information inquiries and connection with the group.


The course was held in Finnish and the blog is also in Finnish. You can find it at kirjoittaminenverkossa.wordpress.com.

We are working on writing detailed description of the course which explains our approach for the course and guides you to implement it the same way yourself. Please come back later!

// Tommi Inkilä, University of Oulu, Finland