First meeting at Pudasjärvi

In CoCreat one of the collaborative spaces will be created for aged people. Ageing people living in rural areas are forced either to travel even 100 kms to the nearest city, or to use technologies to take charge of their everyday duties, such as bank affairs, national public health institute affairs, tax affairs, community services and other tasks that include in societal obligations. Together with demographic changes, public services are increasingly becoming network-based. However many elderly citizens cannot afford for personal computers neither they have possibilities for learning to use it (Hakkarainen & Hyvönen in progress). In collaborative space for aged people, we are going to find solutions for the above mentioned challenges. Also we are building a bridge between the technology-oriented younger generation and aged people.

Niina and Tommi, Pirkko behind the camera

Niina and Tommi, Pirkko behind the camera

Pudasjärvi Town Hall parking area

We jumped in the car early in the morning and headed to Pudasjärvi for a meeting with personnel from Town of Pudasjärvi. Also one active town member was called for the meeting to give his input. We presented the idea behind CoCreat and it was immediately accepted. Pudasjärvi actively develops their town and the is clear demand for solutions that CoCreat offers. Lots of development possibilities were discussed some great ideas were put on the table, or should we say tablet? Usability is big doorstep for ageing people and traditional keyboard and mouse is mostly feared. Therefore we thought that maybe we should go straight to the touchscreens and tablets. This possibility seems to be the best at the moment. All in all, the meeting went great, the people at Pudasjärvi are extremely nice to work with and we set another meeting right away.

// Tommi Inkilä, University of Oulu, Finland